Social Media Updates

Instagram surpasses Twitter’s web footprint

According to recent analysis, Instagram has overtaken Twitter in terms of the number of sites featuring its posts and widgets. Online tool provider SimilarTech made the discovery after looking at the web’s top one million sites based on their global traffic, including publishers, brands, and e-commerce. At the start of 2016, there were more sites featuring Twitter’s social widgets and embedded user posts than Instagram. However, from January through December, Instagram enjoyed a substantial spike in prevalence, expanding its footprint [...]

Search Engine Optimisation

Look forward not back when it comes to SEO

The science of SEO is constantly changing, which means if you are still using an age-old checklist to tick off essential on-page elements, you could get left behind. With this in mind, SEO specialist Marketing Essex has created a list of five tactics that you might want to look at a bit more carefully. Keyword repetition rules Even if you use tool that counts how many times your chosen keyword is featured on-page or within certain elements, this does not [...]

Content Marketing

How to repurpose your top content

No matter whether your website’s top content gives traffic or conversions, there is nothing stopping you from using its best qualities to maximum effect again and again. While not an especially new tactic, repurposing content is often unfairly overlooked by marketers, even though it can add value to your audience’s browsing experience with minimal effort. Here with a simple three-step guide on how to identify, repurpose, and republish content. Marketing Essex, is an adept digital agency that specialises in content, social [...]